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Coolest: You can order and print out your own paper “card” (called ScripNow!) for some merchants.

(you’ve got to have PrestoPay for this)
Do this when you are about to make a purchase—no waiting!
Example:  You decide tonight you are going to order something from Amazon, but you don’t have an Amazon card or one big enough to pay for that purchase.
What do you do? You go to, buy a ScriptNow! certificate for Amazon (and NoVES gets 4%), then you go to the NoVES website, click on the Amazon link and make the purchase, and NoVES gets a rebate from that too! DOUBLY SWEET!

Here are just a few of the merchants that offer ScripNow!

Best Buy (you are going in to get that new TV?—buy ScripNow! as you walk out the door to go to the store!)
Container Store
Dominos (print it out while the pizza is on its way and NoVES gets 8%!)
Home Depot (Print out scrip as you head out to replace that toilet or furnace!)
Hyatt Hotels (the boss just ordered you on a trip—print out your scrip before you go—9% to NoVES!)
iTunes! (Perfect opportunity for impulse buying—10%!! Buy the ScripNow!, then go into iTunes and get that CD, or the AppStore, or buy that iPad or Apple computer)
Land’s End
Macaroni Grill, Red Robin, On the Border, Maggiano’s Little Italy, TGI Friday’s, Uno Chicago Grill, Applebee’s, Cabela’s, Cheescake Factory, Chili's   (Print out the scrip as you head out to dinner!)
Old Navy
Pottery Barn
Williams Sonoma

And more are being added each month!
This is reason enough to get online and set up an account and a PrestoPay link. Think of how often you could use this feature.

Please give this a try. The initial set up doesn’t take long and is not complicated. The set up for PrestoPay takes a couple of days, but isn’t really hard (they make two small deposits into your checking account and you have to report those deposits back to verify they are linking to the correct checking account).  If you want help with ScriptNow!, contact Curtis Haymore at