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Shop with Scrip
At NoVES, we offer store scrip for sale at our Sunday Platform meetings. 

We offer Giant, Safeway, Wholefoods, and typically a few other cards, such as Starbucks. 

But there are ways we can improve this fundraising service.
We will continue to offer store scrip for sale as usual.  In addition, we are now asking that you consider signing up with

Cool: You can look through ALL the merchant offerings and order scrip from any you like, and the scrip will come on the next order to NoVES. Pay by check or cash when you pick up the scrip.

Cooler: You can sign up for PrestoPay on the website, which means that payment for your purchases is taken out of your checking account once the order ships, just like using a debit card at the store. This means no $ from NoVES upfront, no check writing to NoVES, or having the cash on hand when the scrip is delivered!

Cooler Still: Some of the cards allow you to “reload” them yourself on  This means no shipping costs for NoVES, no switching of cards, no waiting for a NoVES meeting to get the cards. Below are a few of the cards that allow reloading. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE OF THESE CARDS FROM NOVES, YOU CAN DO THIS WITH THAT CARD.

Whole Foods
Old Navy
More are being added each month

KEY INFO THAT YOU WILL NEED when accessing NoVES’s enrollment Code is  673B6B5217L27

Click on the following link to learn about ScriptNow.

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