Northern Virginia Ethical Society

"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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Volunteer on Sunday
Opportunities abound for those of you who wish to volunteer on Sunday.

NoVES Hospitality:

If it’s your week to provide hospitality, please participate in some or all of the activities, including setting up, providing snacks (homemade or store-bought) and drinks, and helping to clean up. This way, the responsibility does not fall on one or two people. The letters in the schedule correspond to the first letter of your last name. Please show up for set up at 10:30 am, unless otherwise noted below. Clean up involves all members who are attending platform.

• First week – A-D (set up is later because of chorus rehearsal – 10:30 am)
• Second week – E-J
• Third week – K-R (set up is later because of chorus rehearsal – 10:30 am)
• Fourth week – S-Z
• Fifth week – If you missed your week earlier in the month
Sunday Morning Volunteer Positions
Arrive one half hour before the Platform Program begins to help direct set up, ensure coffee and tea are started, and chairs are arranged.  You are directing and helping the other volunteers, not doing it all yourself. 
You request one of the portable microphones from the person operating the sound system.  You walk around with the microphone during the response and announcement periods.  Unless you have an announcement to make, the microphone volunteer is best seen but not heard.  Sorry.
Collection Basket
You obtain a basket for each aisle from the NoVES closet at Green Hedges.  After the charity is announced and described, you distribute a basket to each aisle and collect the baskets from the end of the aisles.  You give the monies at the conclusion of the Program to the Treasurer.  If the Treasurer is not available, you give the monies to the President.
Sound Team
You are trained by the Sound Team to set up, operate, and put away the sound equipment.  You also make a copies of the program for those who want a copy plus the Sunday School teachers. 
You set up the front table with material from the greeting box.  The Membership Committee chairperson explains what material is put on the table.  You greet people who arrive.  Newcomers are asked to sign a book so we can send them a newsletter.  Plus we ask them to put their first name on a name tag.  If a newcomer has a child, you try to introduce them to the Director of Ethical Education.