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"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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Another Note to a Non-Joiner
I grew up in a very religious family. Attendance at church on Sunday was expected along with other religious activities.  As I grew older, I became troubled by the beliefs and practices of my church.  I was especially upset by the pain inflicted on folks who were not deemed holy or good enough - especially those who didn't subscribe to the particular tenets of the church. Over time I had had enough.  I left organized religion and became secular in my outlook on life. I am happy with that decision.  However, when I left my church, I realized I gave up too much.  In particular, I gave up belonging to a community of people who cared for each other and believed in a cause greater than themselves.  NoVES offers such a place. The folks who attend genuinely care for each other and strive to make themselves and the world a better place.  I am fortunate to have found such a welcoming and meaningful group of people who do not require adherence to a particular creed.