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"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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Adult Growth and Learning
We believe ethical learning is a life-long journey. Adult growth and learning includes exploring ideas, learning skills, exploring philosophical and religious topics, and inspiration to more ethical living and better human relationships. We believe that such growth and learning can take place in a variety of settings, with others whose ideas and interests may be different than our own, so our horizons are expanded.

Our Sunday morning Platform meetings are one way we try to meet this human need for learning and growth.

On Sundays, we also have chorus rehearsals and, about once a month, a performance -- serving the needs of those who want to learn to sing in community.

Also on certain Sundays we hold a Colloquy event before Platform meetings. Colloquy is an opportunity to reflect and share personal insights in a comfortable, quiet, small group setting on various human topics such as compassion, integrity, courage and wisdom.

We also have periodic group events and classes on specific topics, such as:

* book and movie discussions
* classes on ethical, religious, and humanist topics
* classes on relationship, communication, and decision-making skills
* discussions on topics such as environmental issues, simple living, civil liberties and racism
* parenting workshops
* writing and poetry workshops
* specific interest groups: parents, couples, women, men
* community retreats 
* fun/social events, including dance classes, a detective novel reading group and local performing arts events

Check out our "Month at a Glance" calendar link on the right side of this page for details on upcoming events.
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