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"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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What do our children do on Sundays?
On regular Sunday mornings, children start in the main room with the adults they came with for introductory music and welcome.  After the greeting, a “story for children of all ages” is read where children are invited to the front of the room to see the pictures better.  When the story and the second piece of music is finished, the children leave with their teachers to go to the classrooms.

We all gather together for a few minutes in one of the big classrooms to discuss the story just read and to welcome everyone back for another week. We share any exciting news/events in the children's lives, talk about upcoming ethical action projects and then we divide into our respective classes.  Parents are always welcome, but not required to walk their children to their classes and even stay with their children during the classes if they wish.

Students will be in their classes starting around 11:30 am where they will build, create, think, sing, dance, learn and explore.   Classes wrap up at 12:15 pm and parents/guardians are asked to come to their child’s classroom to pick them up.

Once a month, the classes gather to engage in a service project.  We have made fleece scarves and blankets for needy populations, cleared up area streams, collected for UNICEF and area food banks, made bird feeders for the hungry winter birds, and made cards for members who might like a youthful pick-me-up card.

NoVES is beginning a children's chorus led by Delia Bisgyer and Melissa Sinclair. Twice a month, 2 of the 4 classes of students will meet for 10 minutes during the platform and before their classes to sing. The music will be children friendly to be performed during festivals.

We have three festivals every year - Fall, Winter and Spring. During the fesitivals, everyone stays in the main room for food, music, stories and fun.