Northern Virginia Ethical Society

"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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Our Staff and Volunteers

Board Members and Officers

  • President: Jeffrey Crook
  • Vice President: Hank Gassner
  • Treasurer: Paul Kerrigan
  • Secretary: Iris Woodard
  • Other Board Members: Betty-Chia Karro, Kimberly Nyilasi, Govind Nair, Marcella Simon, Michelle Garrison, Jeremy Weiss


  • Leader: Randy Best
  • Leader Emerita: Judith Eckerson
  • Director of Ethical Education: Open
  • Platform Music Coordinator: Dave Roberts

Ethical Culture Officiants

  • Ellen Dinerman
  • Phyllis Anne Duncan
Officiant Coordinator: Ellen Dinerman: contact

Ethical Culture Officiants and Leaders are authorized by the American Ethical Union and by the Northern Virginia Ethical Society to perform ceremonies, including weddings, memorial services, and baby namings, in the name of the Society. Weddings performed by the Society Leader or licensed Ethical Culture Officiants are recognized as legal by Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, and, in certain circumstances, in some other jurisdictions

Sunday School Teachers

1. The Curious Crittters (Pre-K)
Teachers: Rosemary Ziskind and Jennifer Rossmere
Assistants: Bonni Van Blarcom and Ashby Boaz
2. The Courageous Hearts (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
Teachers: Jennifer Lovelace, Harold Figueroa, and Amanda and Kevin Castellucci
3. The Stupendous Builders (2nd and 3rd grade)
Teachers: Paul Kerrigan and Jim Ball
Assistant: Patrick Savage
4. Spaceship Earth (4th-8th grade)
Teachers: Mark Rudnicki and Dave Roberts
Assistant: Heather MacDonald
5. Mentor Program - Jennifer Rossmere, Coordinator