Northern Virginia Ethical Society

"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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How We're Organized

The Society is a democratically governed organization. The Society's month to month business is conducted by an elected Board of Trustees. The Leader is chosen by the membership of the Society. The Society is funded through the pledges and contributions of members, and members approve the annual budget. Voluntary committees serve the Society members by organizing and implementing projects and the day-to-day activities of the Society.



At the annual membership meeting, members elect a Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Officers of the Board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected from among the Board members. The Board is responsible for policy decisions, contracts, coordination among committees and month-to-month operation of the Society.


Committees and other work groups carry out much of the work of the Society. Check the who's who page on this site for a list of contact people for the various committees as well as one-person tasks. Committee chairs or coordinators can provide a description of the committee's goals and activities.

Other Volunteer Work

The Society is a self-sustaining organization, supported by the time, energy, creativity and financial support of our members.

While few people join an Ethical Society with the goal of contributing their time to the operation of the Society, most members find that their volunteer work with the Society is not only essential to the Society's present and future, but can be fun, rewarding and a good learning experience.

Even new members and people who have not (yet?) joined the Society offer their help with such weekly activities as set-up and clean-up of our rented space, providing snacks for the social hour after Platform, staffing committees and work groups, teaching Sunday School, etc. We hope that no one is shy in offering to help where help is needed!


Staff members of the Society are currently:

  • Jeff Lewis, our Director of Ethical Education, who oversees the operation of the Sunday School and works with the Sunday School committee.
  • We ordinarily have a professional Leader but the position is currently vacant.