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2014-2015 List of Books for Children's Stories for All Ages

Below is a list of books that have been read during platform as part of the "Children's Story for All Ages" during the 2014-2015 season. Most of these books should be available through your local library or bookstore. Remember, if you purchase a book from Amazon, please use the link you see directly to the right when purchasing (the link with the titles will not tie in with NoVES). NoVES earns money from Amazon sales, but only if you use our link. As well, most of these stories are geared for children 3 to 7 years old.

9/7/14: Buster by Dennis Flemming. It’s the good life for Buster. He has his own dishes, a big grassy yard, an in-and-out flap on the back door, and "Brown Shoes," who takes Buster to the park any time he wants. But on the day Brown Shoes brings home a big box--which does not contain sausages or fancy French cheeses, as Buster hopes--life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Enter Betty, a fluffy white kitten, who doesn’t seem to realize that Buster is scared of cats.  Running away off to a park across town, Buster has a lovely day... until he realizes he has no idea how to get back home again. Can you guess who comes to the rescue?

9/14/14: Mr. King's Castle by Genevieve Cote. Mr. King wants to build himself a BIG castle. So he uses the closest available material to make the blocks he needs -- the land around his house that just happens to be home to his forest friends. When Mr. King's friends make him see what he's done, he realizes he's made a BIG mistake. Can he be king of his castle and a good friend, too? 

9/21/14: I Am My Own Dog by David Ezra Stein. Many dogs have human owners. Not this dog. He fetches his own slippers, curls up at his own feet, and gives himself a good scratch. But there is one spot, in the middle of his back, that he just can’t reach. So one day, he lets a human scratch it. And the poor little fella follows him home. What can the dog do but get a leash to lead the guy around with?

9/28/14: Angela's Airplane by Robert Munsch. While looking for her lost father at the airport, Angela ends up in the front of the plane. She decides to push just one button, and then anothe... and another...

10/5/14: The Little Bit Scary People by Emily Jenkins. 
Who hasn’t met up with someone who looks scary? A girl with tousled red hair encounters a series of such people: a spike-haired dude on a skateboard, the nasty bus driver, the school principal with witchy fingernails, the stern cafeteria lady, the girl in science class who eats her pencil, and the corner policeman who scolds people. But when the girl imagines their other, warmhearted side, they’re not quite as scary. 

10/12/14: Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland. 
The bear, the moose and the beaver are the best of friends, even though they often disagree. On a canoe trip, the trio's squabbling leads them into rough waters. Can they agree on a plan before it's too late?

10/19/14: Great Aunt Martha by Rebecca C. Jones. A little girl does not welcome a visit from her Great-Aunt Martha, for it means doing without all her favorite things, but Great-Aunt Martha--in need of a little fun, herself--surprises her.

10/26/14: Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman. The witch has grown the biggest pumpkin ever, and now she wants to make herself a pumpkin pie for Halloween. But the pumpkin is so big she can't get it off the vine. 
It's so big the ghost can't move it, either. Neither can the vampire, nor the mummy. It looks as if there'll be no pumpkin pie for Halloween, until along comes the bat with an idea to save the day. How can the tiny bat succeed where bigger and strong spooky creatures have failed? You'll be surprised!

11/2/14: Henry Builds a Cabin by D.B. Johnson. How big does a home really need to be? When Henry decides to build a cabin for himself in the woods, he gets some help and a lot of advice from his friends. But Henry, being Henry, has his own ideas, and he sets about building his house as a bird builds its nest. As he adds everything he thinks his cabin needs, Henry’s new home ends up being a lot bigger than it looks!

11/9/14: Red and Yellow's Noisy Night by Josh Selig. Red and Yellow live together in the branches of an olive tree--but these two friends are as different as can be, and sometimes have trouble co-existing peacefully. Red wants to play loudly on his strummy, while Yellow longs for sleep. 

11/16/14: I Am So Strong by Mario Ramos. In I Am So Strong, the incorrigible wolf saunters through the forest asking everyone he meets, including Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, "Tell me, who is the strongest of all? He gets his comeuppance in a most unexpected and satisfactory way.

11/23/14: Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. This story, about three hungry soldiers who outwit the greedy inhabitants of a village into providing them with a feast, is based on an old French tale.