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2014, 9/7 First Day of Sunday School!
What a fantastic first day of Sunday School!

We had a great turnout and the weather could not have been better.

Our Sunday School students got a chance to see their old friends and made some new friends as well. 

Students were excited to see what class they would be in, who their classmates would be and they were very happy to meet their new teachers.
The classes for this 2014-2015 are (drum roll please!):
The Curious Critters (Pre-K)
Teachers: Rosemary Ziskind and Jennifer Rossmere
Assistants: Bonni Van Blarcom and Ashby Boaz

The Courageous Hearts (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
Teachers: Jennifer Lovelace, Harold Figueroa, and Amanda and Kevin Castellucci
The Stupendous Builders (2nd and 3rd grade)
Teachers: Paul Kerrigan and Jim Ball
Assistant: Patrick Savage 
Spaceship Earth (4th-8th grade)
Teachers: Mark Rudnicki and Dave Roberts
Assistant: Heather MacDonald
Upon joining up with their classmates and teachers our students went outside to take a group picture to commemorate the occasion. 


After the picture all went in to get acquainted with their new classrooms and get to know each other. 
It was a wonderful start to a new year at NoVES Sunday School!