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Judith Eckerson - Past Platforms
Judith Eckerson
Past Platforms

Judith Eckerson graduated cum laude from Goucher College with a degree in philosophy. She taught philosophy in high school and at Georgetown University. She became an Ethical Leader and served as Leader of the Philadelphia Society from 1982-1989. She is a poet and the author of several books. These include two works of fiction and a collection of short stories about historical Ethical Society figures that have been used in Sunday School. These platforms were all originally given at  NoVES.
Defining Ethical Culture
Dewey and Ethical Culture
Ethics for One
Ethics of Intellectual Property
Ethics Versus Moralizing
For Want of a Nail
Kommon Kitchen
Sons of Pullman Porters
The Ethics of Human Scale
The Moral of the Story
The Power of Idealism
What's Culture?
What's in the Bible for Humanists

Fate of Whistleblowing