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NoVES Community Network
NoVES has been growing - this is good news and bad. For years the Caring Committee did an excellent job of providing support and comfort as needed, but with our expanded membership, we have found a need for adding more structure.  Work began this summer with the formation of a committee of members who responded to a call for volunteers.  The first meeting was lead by Unitarian minister Rev. Dr. Ed Piper, who is experienced at helping memberships establish formats for providing a network to provide this support and comfort.  He described one structure that the committee members have adopted with adjustments to meet the particular needs of our community.
Our NoVES Community Network will have five networkers who will be assigned ten households and they will make initial contact in December.  The initial thought is that contact will be made at least four times a year.  The household or member being contacted will always have the option to request fewer or no contacts, and provide a preference as to how to be contacted - phone, in person at Platform, e-mail, other.  The purpose of these contacts is to let members know that in times of joys and sorrows, the Society is available for support.  As needs arise, the networkers will be asking the coordinators to arrange for meals, drivers, emergency baby sitters, or whatever the needs may be.  From time to time, the Network will seek volunteers to help with these tasks.
The Coordinators are Mary Ellen Stanton, Eugenia Burkes; Networkers are Jeffrey Crocker, Ellen Dinerman, Michele Garrison, Merry Macke, and Andy Stanton.  If you have any questions about this new program, please feel free to ask these individuals.