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2013, 06/10 Recognition Sunday - ending the year!
This past Sunday was our last Sunday of the school year and it was the biggest Sunday too, I believe. We had 34  kids in attendance! (And not counting mine as he was home sick! Boo!)

We always take the last Sunday of the school year to recognize all that everyone does for the society. We start with the Sunday School because the kids would get antsy if they had to sit for the entire time, so I didn't get to hear the whole platform, but I'm sure there were tons more after the Sunday School group left to go outside as everyone at NoVES has been working hard this year!

There are so many people to thank when it comes to the Sunday school. I always like to thank people with making a baked good and writing a hand written card because it comes from the heart - I'm taking the time to do something for you because you took the time to do something for me. This year I made Ethical Man cookies.

There are the teachers: Iris, Lynn, Marian, Mary Ellen, Paul, Amy, Andy, Dave, and Hank. There are the assistants Ellen, Dora, younger Ellen, and Nichole. And various parents and members back in the rooms helping in classes, music, or service projects too: Bryan, Chelsea, Joel, Zoë, Amanda, Kevin, Victoria, Jeff, Doris, Delia, Jennifer, Jim, Joe, and so many more! It's really incredible the number of people who step forward when we need it and that is why we had such a successful year!

We ended the day with a little party outside for the kids. We got so lucky with the weather this weekend, for sure!  We had watermelon, popcom, cookies, milk and juice and played with extra large frisbees, parachutes and lots and lots of bubbles! Each kid got to take home a personal sized, spill proof bubbles set because we're all about having fun!

So, we are done for the year until September, technically. At least we are done with Sunday School and platform addresses. However, the parenting group is meeting monthly to discuss the book Raising Free Thinkers by Dale McGowan at a members house and it will include pool parties (fun!), colloquy and men's group are meeting regularly and there are lots of activities for families all summer long. We are making trips to the Smithsonian museums, the Wings of Fancy butterfly exhibit in Wheaton, MD,  hikes in parks, parties, and so much more! We are also having our summer pals program where our adults and teens write letters to our younger children and those children can write back. So, lots of opportunities to stay connected.

Want to find out more and join us? Contact me, the DRE and I will get you more info!