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Sunday School Time Capsule 2013 to be opened in 2023

Great ideas spring up in the most wonderful ways.


During our Stream Clean Up on April 7th, our volunteers found this. Look at that thing! What a wonderful steampunk-like item with a gauge and everything. Someone thought it looked a bit like a time machine or a time capsule and then, just like that, VOILA! An idea! We, the Sunday School of NoVES should do a time capsule! So, here you are... the NoVES time capsule to be sealed on September 29th 2013 and not to be opened until September 2023*.

Time capsule ideas for the Parents and Kids to Complete at home DUE SEPTEMBER 29th AT THE LATEST!!!!!

At the May 26th platform, parents received packets for their children for the time capsule. In that packet you received the time capsule questionaire, a list of suggestions for additional things to be enclosed in the time capsule, and the two pictures created by your child of how they see themselves now and how they see themselves 10 years from now.

What parents need to do with their children if they want to participate in the time capsule are these things:

1) Answer this questionnaire (printable version here).


2) For children who did not attend NoVES on May 19th have the children draw a picture of themselves as they see themselves now. On another sheet of paper, have them draw a picture of what they think they will look like 10 years from now. You can use these sheets here.

Include a photo of the child, a photo of the family and a photo of the pet(s), if desired. A photo of the child's bedroom and/or favorite toys might be appreciated down the road too.

4) Include a note to the child from you, for them to read when they are 10 years older. Share the things you love about the child, the values that are important to your family and your hopes for the child's future. 

5) Perhaps read a book on time capsules that is age appropriate. Here is one frequently mentioned: We Were Here: A Short History of Time Capsules

Do NOT include anything containing moisture, as it can leak and ruin the contents.



Time Capsule Ideas for Sunday School Teachers DUE SEPTEMBER 29th AT THE LATEST!!!!!

1) Add a photo of the children in the Sunday School classroom.

2) Add a photo of a completed project or add a small project made in class.
3) Read the story: The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman (this story was already read on May 19th, but they may wish to look at it again).

Do NOT include anything containing moisture, as it can leak and ruin the contents.

Everyone has until September 29th to get their items to me to put into the time capsule!!!!
On September 29th after platform, we will show and discuss our time capsule to the membership and then it will be sealed up and not to be opened for 10 years!!!!!

*Is this just for the Sunday School kids? Well, no! If adult members want to contribute, your contributions are much welcomed! Obviously, tracing around your hand now to compare to 10 years from now is not going to show change, but you can contribute photos of now, a letter to yourself now for your future self. A letter to the society for hopes for it's future, etc. Or something similar. This is a whole society event!