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"Act so as to bring out the best in others, and thereby in yourself"
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Pledge Committee
The Pledge Committee exists to organize the annual pledge drive. The pledges received represent a collaborative pooling of funds to obtain the myriad of goods and services needed to operate our Society.  For example, we pay Green Hedges School for meeting space, we compensate our Leader and Director, Religious Education, we purchase coffee and tea, disburse AEU dues, and web site fees.  But, it also represents a commitment to our future.   As we grow, your financial support will make possible current and future programs and services.  We would love to be able to pay for some platform speakers, reimburse more members for items they currently purchase on our behalf, offer the Sunday School additional funds, afford a full-time Leader, and...perhaps ... someday obtain a place of our own where our Leader can meet with members, where we can offer educational classes, and most significantly, where we might enjoy kitchen facilities. 

This year's Pledge Committee contact is Jim Ball.