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Kakenya Center for Excellence
The Kakenya Center for Excellence (KCE) is a non-profit organization focused on serving the most vulnerable and underprivileged girls in Kenya. Founded by Kakenya Ntaiya in 2008, the organization has built the first primary school for girls in Enoosaen, Kenya that focuses on academic excellence, female empowerment, leadership, and community development. Located in the Keyian Division of the Trans Mara District of Kenya, the Center opened in May 2009 with 32 students. Our goal is eventually to enroll 240 students in grades one through eight. KCE is the realization of Kakenya’s dream to forever alter the lives of girls in her village through education, empowerment and leadership.

Kakenya's Letter 2012

Kakenya Ntaiya Finds Freedom in Education - a short youtube video