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2012, 12/23 12 Days of Service and Holiday Party
Today was a smaller gathering of adults and children as it's 2 days before Christmas and several families are traveling or have guests. However, this didn't dampen our fun!

First in Sunday School, we talked about our 12 Days of Service. Most of us didn't make it to 12 things, but even with each child doing at least one, that's already more service than most people do!

Here are 12 things some of our children did for their 12 days of service:

1. Unload the dishwasher for their parents.
2. Cleaned and organized their messy desk at home.
3. Made dinner for a neighbor.
4. Made cards for their teachers.
5. Donated toys to a charity.
6. Helped their mom while dad was away on a trip.
7. Made cookies for friends/neighbors.
8. Donated to a food bank.
9. Cleaned up at a park.
10. Helped little brother with a task.
11. Helped with a younger Sunday School class.
12. Made extra snowflakes for our friends who could not make today's party so that everyone will have a snowflake for our performance on Jan. 6th.

After talking about our 12 days of Service, we got right to work with making Snowflakes for our performance for WInter Festival. The children will be singing Suzy Snowflake with Doris Justis, the Chorus Director, and the NoVES Chorus. They made enough snowflakes for all the kids and they look so pretty and sparkly!

Next, we drew pictures of what WE thought the most marvelous toy would look like, again, these are for props for the Winter Festival for when we sing, Marvelous Toy with Doris and the chorus.

Lastly, we made melted snowman cupakes and made enough to share. Since it's too warm for snow in our parts this year, a melted snowman seemed the most appropriate (but we are all secretly hoping for some snow to play in really, really soon!)  Even the little two year old was able to make these and join in the fun. 

A great time was had by all. Thanks to the parents who helped today - don't know what we would do without you!