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Adult Growth and Learning Committee
Adult Growth and Learning Committee

Our committee is a lively group of people who enjoy thinking about and creating opportunities to help educate our members. For example, we have promoted a course on major religions, a discussion group involving ethical issues surrounding what we eat, and a theater evening where we enjoyed a wild play about the McCarthy era.

In the coming months we are planning another class on ethics involving how our environment affects our heath, discussion sessions on compassion in world religions, a course on the justice system, and attending another lively play followed by dinner.

What help do we need?
The committee is in need of people to help with the following tasks
1. Creation of promotional materials
2. Maintain the registration for each class, and create a contact list to communicate emergency changes in schedule
3. Management of logistics like locating rooms, coordinating snacks if indicated, and producing copies of handouts if requested by teacher.
4. Maintain contact with other committees within the society to ensure that our events are coordinated with others.
5. Conduct a survey at the end of the year to find out how participants felt about the classes.

Adult Growth and Learning

Contact - Jeffrey Crocker
Contact - Iris Woodard