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2012, 12/16 First Ever Official Children's Chorus Rehearsal!
I am so glad to hear that the first ever children's chorus rehearsal was a smashing success. I know a few kids were nervous, the chorus director, Doris Justis was a bit nervous, and heck, so was I. We were trying something new and different in the middle of the year with the kids. Would it go over well? Or go over like a lead balloon? So happy to hear it went well!

After our usual start to the morning, the children went back to the one big classroom first like they always do. This week, though, we didn't discuss the book for the day, we had the chorus rehearsal. I'm sure they were already in the mood to sing as they had just joined Doris in a joyous round of Jingle Bells just moments before (Good thinking Doris!)

Today, the children practiced two songs for the Winter Festival which is held January 6th. They will be singing Suzy Snowflake and the Marvelous Toy. Next week they will be making their own Suzy Snowflakes and perhaps making or drawing what they imagine the most marvelous toy to be.  I know rehearsals went well as my 7 year old was singing me the chorus to the Marvelous Toy on the way home.

Classes today I hear went very well. The Preschool class talked about being generous and kind and to show that, they made gifts (I saw their adorable ornaments they made for their families too - so cute!). The Kindergarten and First grade class talked about safety - the learned about how animals find safety in migration, hibernation and adaptation. The 2nd -4th grade class finished up their unit on Hannakkah, talked about Las Posadas and talked some on Christmas - so many things to learn about around this time year! The 5-6th grade class learned about St. Lucia day and it's importance. And the teen class had a guest panel to talk about gay/lesbian issues. Lots of learning going on!

Next week will be talking about our 12 days of service and having our holiday party - should be fun!