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2012, 11/11 Service Project - Making Sandwiches for a Shelter
This week all the children worked together to make 120 sandwiches and 60 snack bags to make lunches for 60 to take the the Embry Rucker Community Shelter that provides emergency housing for men, women and children. 

We formed an assembly line with the kids ages 5-10. They made the sandwiches (while wearing gloves). Adults helped dole out the bread and cheese and meat, and the kids assembled them and put them in a baggie handed to them by another adult volunteer. At another table the 10-14 year olds wrote out what was in each of the bags. Lastly, our 2-4 year olds made snack bags by mixing cereals and grains and putting them in a baggie with more adult volunteers. 

All the kids knew what they were doing and why and they felt good about being able to help people who were in need and might be hungry. The look of accomplishment on their faces when they saw the stacks and stacks of completed sandwiches was priceless.

(Pictures will go up tomorrow when I have our main computer at home free!)