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Leader Emerita -- Judith Eckerson
Judith Eckerson
Leader Emerita, NOVES

End of year 2012, from Judith Eckerson

This year I have enjoyed email from the NLC and NOVES, almost every day.

Ever since my stroke (2002), I have had lapses in my word-memory. I am not sure if this comes from the ragged edges of my stroke, or from the inevitabilities of my age. I imagine that someday there will be brain-studies that locate individual words. In my case, they will explain why I couldn’t remember the word termite for weeks (Jared reminded me of the terrible bug’s name) and why for many other weeks, I couldn’t remember the tropical fruit that was a feature of the train stations in New York (papaya, brought to mind by google). Perhaps I haven’t had occasion to use these words in ten years, perhaps longer. I have written about 1% of what I wrote in the old days.

I’ve been thinking of the basement apt I lived in at Sheepshead Bay, NY, 50 years ago, of the large number of horseshoe crabs, of the fishing boats that brought in large catches of bluefish, of the fact that my old apt was undoubtedly under water in the recent hurricane, and was never underwater before.

I have been writing about the diet I should have been eating for the last 70 years, and now recommend for others: fruits & vegetables, and nothing white except cauliflower, cod, onions, mushrooms (white carbs equal sugar, which we all need vastly less of). In other words, concentrate on savory. Don’t drink fruit juice, eat fruit for less sugar, more fiber.

January: Curtis Haymore came for a visit. My son Jon came to visit from Seattle with Thai food from closer.

February: My son Jared went to South Africa to learn how they are organizationally developed, and came back in a few weeks. Looked the same, but now eats more lentils.

March: Jared & Carolyn inspected sites for their wedding reception in 13 months, now 4 months away!

April: A gift of Tabasco Sauce spiced up my life, and the Washington Nationals began to win big (could be these are the good old days). The 1940 census was unveiled. The last census in which I didn’t exist.

May: My nephew Richard MacLeod graduated fm UVA in drama, on his way to a Memphis repertory theater group.

June: Jared & Carolyn went to Indiana. Our power went out for 2 whole days. Jon went to Estonia to talk to NATO about computer security.

July: I began to read again, books on cd. I compared St Augustine’s theology to Romney’s (?). I preferred baseball to the Olympics. Polish screamer resident screams in hallway (when people don’t understand Polish, she screams louder), bringing Bedlam to mind, occasionally German “Polizei” occasionally English “Dirty Russians.”

Aug: Susan Bagot didn’t visit w Greek salad (rare event) because she was busy at her daughter Adrienne’s wedding. Jared involuntarily shared his picnic dinner with a herd of wild horses on Chincoteague Island. Hank Gassner & Betty-Chia Karro visited with cherries. My computer caught a terrible disease.

Sep: My grandson Toby who became a teen in May went to his first dance.

Oct: My laptop computer returned for 2nd time fm Jon in Seattle, with more gigabytes & working properly.

Nov: I am old enough to remember Nixon running for pres with a secret plan to end the war. I did not vote for the man with the secret plan to end unemployment (who? Colbert named him Ripp Flambe). Jared became MS at Am Univ. I celebrated Thanksgiving once again with Jared & Carolyn. Turkey from scratch, baked potato from scratch, Brussels sprouts & pomegranate seeds from scratch, mushrooms from scratch, pumpkin pie from scratch (graham cracker crumbs from scratch?).Virginia Wheaton visited a few days later.

Bonus fact: About 40 years ago, I was camping in Olympia Natl Park, sleeping in a sleeping bag in a lean-to. I was dreaming, and in my dream, somebody walked on my face. I thought, in my dream, “That’s terrible.  Everybody knows it’s impolite to walk on someone’s face!” That thought woke me up, and I saw the chipmunks walking over all of us. They didn’t know what was polite. (The Queen’s dogs don’t know she is the Queen.)  My roommate munches like a chipmunk on her snack crackers all night while I sleep.

I have been slowly losing weight (eating right but not much exercise in the nursing home). I watch the news on TV. I write one finger at a time on email. Thank you for the visits, for keeping the world going. I hope 2013 is a good year for you and yours.

My BEST to you,